“A monstrous relative of the piranha, Hydrocynus goliath ('giant water dog') is without doubt the most horrifying freshwater fish in the world. … Whatever unconscious nostalgia we may feel for our prehuman life in the water - in many ways an element more benign than the harsh air - one look at this apparatus makes us grateful that our ancestors got out when they did.” Jeremy Wade, Somewhere down the Crazy River, 1992

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River Monsters (the book) is available from bookshops and online. Signed/dedicated copies can be ordered from Icon Films by visiting the River Monsters website and filling in the form (UK edition, published by Orion, rrp £8.99; but please be aware that delivering a dedicated copy may take several weeks).

Also available in Kindle format.


The US/Canada edition is published by Da Capo Press.

Also available as a recorded book (US).

Called "the greatest angling explorer of his generation," (Independent on Sunday) Jeremy Wade, host of the global hit TV series River Monsters, takes viewers where no wildlife program has gone before, revealing the creatures that lurk in the murky depths of our planet’s inland waterways.

Now, Wade goes truly beneath the surface, disclosing details of how he tracks down and catches each species, while also recounting the off-camera highlights of his extraordinary life. From his arrest as a suspected spy in Southeast Asia to a plane crash in the Amazon, every page of River Monsters is packed with adventure.

In the tradition of the most gripping adventure writing, River Monsters shows that there’s more to this world than what’s visible on the surface. In similar fashion, Wade’s writings are much more than exhilarating stories: they reveal a vision of the world more awe-inspiring than any individual myth made flesh.

"Casting a line into the water is like asking a question. Something could be right underneath you, but you can’t see it – it’s there but not there. And sometimes only a line will make it real, despite the odds against this happening being very long. After hanging limp and lifeless – maybe for hours or days or weeks or years – it will twitch and run, and the cane or carbon-fiber in your hands will bend like a divining rod. Then, if your gear and nerves are sound, you will bring something out into the light, seemingly from nowhere, from another dimension. When this happens, it has an element of magic to it, like pulling a rabbit from a hat.

"This book is a series of such investigations into the murky world of fishermen’s tales. The tales are of river monsters that are frighteningly large or dangerous – or both. Fish that swallow men whole, others that eat them from within, and others that pack a killer punch. And the truth, though elusive and sometimes complex, is often every bit as unbelievable as the myth." (from River Monsters)


Somewhere down the Crazy River (1992, with Paul Boote)

Widely held to be one of the classics of angling literature, this book recounts the rediscovery of the Indian mahseer and the goliath tigerfish of the Congo. Both the original hardback edition and the 1994 Coronet paperback (shown right, published by Hodder & Stoughton) are out of print, but second-hand copies can be found occasionally (at fairly extortionate prices).

“A fascinating, sometimes appalling story.” Keith Elliott, Independent on Sunday
“The oddest and most fascinating book I have read this year, by a wide margin.” Tom Fort, Financial Times
“Unusual for its reading quality ... filled with incident and atmosphere.” Brian Clarke, The Times
“An intensely enjoyable book - quirky, informative, fanatical and strangely exhausting.” David Profumo, Fishing Correspondent, Daily Telegraph
“A superb read ... some of the accounts of the perils faced by the two anglers bring shivers to the spine. You won't want to put it down.” Improve Your Coarse Fishing
“A brilliant book - highly recommended.” Carpworld
“Surely destined to become an angling classic.” Coarse Fisherman
“This is a genuinely strange one, and I love it.” Stephen J. Bodio, Fly Rod and Reel, USA



River Monsters paperback (US)



















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