Jeremy Wade has written on natural history and travel for publications including: BBC Wildlife, the Guardian, the Sunday Telegraph, Kew magazine, Fortean Times and The Field. He has also contributed to The Natural History Programme on BBC Radio 4.
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archive (selected press articles)

Fish poaching, Himalayan style - How desperate measures are killing monster fish. The Times, Saturday February 4 2006: 'Poachers use power line to reel in yeti of the waters.' (Opens new window.)

Brazil nuts - Many Brazil nut collectors finish the harvest earning less than their costs. Then the rainforest Brazil nut trees become worth more dead than alive. Kew magazine, Winter 2002: 'Unfair trade.'

Manaus - a portrait of the teeming Brazilian city at the heart of the Amazon. Guardian, 14.12.02: 'Concrete jungle.' (Opens new window.)

Nile perch fishing - on Egypt's Lake Nasser. Sunday Telegraph, 28.06.98: 'Big fish in an enormous pond.'

'The Amazon Nessie' - the expedition to film this mystery creature. BBC Wildlife, June 1996: 'Tales from the bush.'

Urucu body paint
Jeremy applies urucú body paint (Amazon). Also used as food colouring and said to repel insects. But mosquitoes just saw it as food colouring.
Turtles on Amazon tributary
Releasing rescued river turtles (Brazil). Their high price on the black market means anti-poaching teams are overstretched.
Jau under water
The fish the BBC failed to find for the Amazon Abyss series. This 5ft jaú catfish was snapped 5 metres down with a plastic point-and-shoot camera.

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