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Latest News UK - River Monsters Series 5 resumes Tuesday 25 March 2014.

Digital Signed Picture - If you would like a digital signed picture, click here to be taken to the download page.

Owing to filming and other commitments, I am not able to fulfil individual requests for signed pictures.

Jeremy Wade - ON TOUR - March 2014 - Book Now: www.rivermonsters.tv

Face to Face Tour

Man-sized piranhas, fish that electrocute, nine-foot river sharks (yes, river sharks) ... You've seen the programmes, now find out what it takes to deliver these outlandish creatures to your living room -- and why nobody had done it before.

Join the presenter of the global hit series River Monsters, biology teacher and angler turned seat-of-the-pants explorer Jeremy Wade, for an evening of mystery, mayhem and monster wrangling.

What do you do when something grabs your hand in a pitch-dark underwater cave? When your aircraft engine fails above the Amazon jungle? When a doctor tells you about fish boring people to death? And why is it all worthwhile? (It's even funny sometimes.)

It's also a rare chance to put your own questions. But catching Jeremy when he's not on Amazon riverboat or living in a cockroach-infested hut is just like catching a fish: you must be in the right place at the right time....

Catch Jeremy at the venues below, this March:

08 Mar 2014 (Sat) - Leatherhead Theatre

11 Mar 2014 (Tue) - Canterbury Gulbenkian

12 March 2014 (Wed) - Haywards Heath Clair Hall

13 Mar 2014 (Thu) - Basingstoke Haymarket

14 March 2014 (Fri) - Broxbourne Civic Hall

16 March 2014 (Sun) - Camberley Theatre

17 March 2014 (Mon) - Manchester Waterside

18 March 2014 (Tue) - Leeds Carriage Works

19 March 2014 (Wed) - Lancaster Grand Theatre

20 March 2014 (Thu) - Kettering Lighthouse

21 March 2014 (Fri) - Cheltenham Pillar Room

23 March 2014 (Sun) - Bristol Old Vic

24 March 2014 (Mon) - Tamworth Assembly Rooms

For more information and to book tickets, visit:


River Monsters paperback (US)River Monsters (the book) is available from bookshops and online. Signed/dedicated copies can be ordered from Icon Films by visiting the River Monsters website and filling in the form (UK edition, published by Orion, rrp £8.99).

Also available in Kindle format.




Is it safe to get in the water?...

Nearly half the world's fish species live in just 0.01% of the world's water - our lakes and rivers. Yet most people know less about what lives in fresh water than they do about the oceans.

Because some rivers are very hard to get to - and/or too murky to see into, using normal means - many of their inhabitants are rarely or never seen in conventional natural history programmes.

River Monsters takes a different approach. Biologist and fishing detective Jeremy Wade starts by examining myths and fishermen's tales, subjecting them to scientific scrutiny to separate fact from fiction. Then he homes in on his targets using a fishing line. The results are some fish of staggering dimensions and appearance, including some spectacular TV 'firsts'.

To catch up with seasons 1-4, River Monsters DVDs are available from the Animal Planet online shop (US/NTSC format). In the UK, DVDs of series 1-3 (PAL format, produced by ITV) are available from retail and online outlets.

River Monsters is produced by multiple award winning Icon Films


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